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Serbian Butcher Knife - Handmade High-Carbon Eteel Chef's Knife with Shealth

Are you looking for a versatile, sturdy and sharp knife that won't back away from any cut? A kitchen knife that goes off the beaten track?

Blade Lenght : 17cm  Blade Width : 10cm ; Blade Thickness : 5mm ; Blade Material :  Handmade Forged High-carbon Steel   ; Handle Material : Hardened Pakawood Handle Knife Weight :  About 460g ;

3 Pcs Set
Only Knife Cover
Only butcher Knife


Then the exceptional Serbian chef's knife is the knife for you.

Forget about other knives, you will now enjoy the pleasure of cutting and chopping anything effortlessly...

... with a beautiful, particularly sharp knife, hand forged by professional blacksmiths from high-carbon Serbian Sarschach Steel and using ancient hardening technology from the Far East, which is as much fun to look at as it is to use.

The advantages of the Serbian kitchen knife:

TRADITIONAL HAND FORGED : for a quality of edge and a lifespan that far exceeds that of a classic knife (most knives need to be renewed after a few years, but a handcrafted knife will last you 15-20 years).
HIGH CARBON STEEL : a blade made of martensitic type steel (hardened and tempered to give exceptional hardness and resistance), rolled with high carbon content to maintain a formidable and effective edge much longer than with a standard blade.
COMFORTABLE HANDLING : an ergonomic natural wood handle for breathtaking cutting comfort.
PERFECTLY BALANCED : for minimal handle fatigue and enhanced cutting control.
MULTI-PURPOSE : from vegetables to meat, nothing resists, its blade can also be used as a spatula.
12° SHARPENED : for maximum sharpness of cut.
POWDERFUL : the "Serbian hunter" will not only impress your entourage (because yes, he will be the first thing your guests will notice in your kitchen from now on) but he will also proudly accompany you anywhere you go to cut your meat and vegetables.

a close-up of a person cutting a piece of pizza

Let yourself be seduced by his "brut de forge" style and his exceptional sharpness and you will never want to cook again without him by your side.

SPECIAL OFFER : for every order TODAY we offer you a protective case for your knife!*

Serbian Butcher's Knife case

IMPORTANT (  Sharp Edge ): Always wipe your high-carbon kitchen knives with a soft, clean cloth immediately after use and always store them in a dry place.

*offer valid while stocks last.
COMS : Sharpening , Sharpen, Santoku , Slicing , razor , cutting board, full tang, Knife set, Paring, Knife Sharpener , Paring knife

Blade Lenght :  17cm  
Blade Width :  10cm  
Blade Thickness  :  5mm  
Blade Material  : Handmade Forged High-carbon Steel
Handle Material 
Knife Weight  : About 460g g

Advantages of High carbon steel

advantages of serbian chef knife

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