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Serbian Knife - Hand forged with high Carbon steel and Ebony Handle

Made with High Carbon Steels to Resist Dust. Sharp edges for the best knife sharpening.
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Serbian Chef's knife - Authentic hand forged Sarschach steel knife

Finally... a ruthlessly sharp and durable knife that is guaranteed for life!

✔ SHARPENING : The natural choppers and repeated hammering techniques of the blacksmiths have ensured maximum sharpness and durability.

✔ HAND FORGED : This exclusive knife has been hand forged and heat treated using Japanese forging techniques.

✔ BLADE : The fixed, sharp and resistant blade will remain strong and will easily stand the test of time thanks to its Serbian Sarschach hammered steel.

✔ STURDY AND DURABLE HANDLE : Solid and ergonomic. Moisture, heat and shock resistant, this wooden handle will give you an optimal grip.

✔ VERSATILITY : Highly appreciated by cooks, it can be used to cut anything in the kitchen and outdoors, from fillet of sole to steak to cutting fruit and vegetables.

✔ DURABILITY : The HRC60 steel used is superior to the usual materials used in the mechanical manufacture of high quality knives.

Blade Length : 165mm  Blade Width : 105mm ; Blade Thickness : 4mm ; Blade Material :  Handmade Forged High-carbon Steel   ; Handle Material : Full Tang + Ebony Wood Knife Weight :  460 ;

Get the BEST Serbian knife ever made!

This hand forged Serbian Chef's knife will make you feel like a seasoned chef in your kitchen. This Chef Knife has a sturdy and elegant design that is sure to be the next topic of conversation at every meeting, barbecue or outdoor camping event. This bushcraft cook's knife will allow you to slice your meats and vegetables as well as slice and chop your herbs.

It cuts meats and vegetables effortlessly like butter while maintaining its sharpness, which is exactly what every chef is looking for in a versatile knife!

Let's start by mentioning that this Serbian slicing knife has won numerous awards for its unique design and outstanding performance, including the 2018 Best Chef's Knife Award. You should also know that this knife has been skillfully hand forged using forging techniques that go back over 2000 years.

The Serbian Bushcraft Knife is made of hardened carbon steel and has a corrosion-resistant stainless steel blade, making it so durable that you can even use it to cut wood. Its sharp edge is sure to last for many years, unlike traditional chef's knives. The blade itself shows its true strength which comes from the repeated hammering process and the hours of work spent in each Chef's Knife for maximum blade sharpness, Japanese style.

Blade Lenght :  165mm  
Blade Width :  105mm  
Blade Thickness  :  4mm  
Blade Material  : Handmade Forged High-carbon Steel
Handle Material 
Knife Weight  : 460 g

Advantages of High carbon steel

advantages of serbian chef knife

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How to take care of your Serbian knife

  • To make and keep your steel blade sharp every day, we recommend regular sharpening to keep your blade sharp.
  • The best option for this type of high carbon steel blade on a wooden handle is the use of a sharpening stone, known as a water stone.
  • The whetstone is one of the emblems of the world of cutlery, it is with it that blacksmiths sharpen their steel blades.
  • If you don't like the use of an oil stone, you can also opt for an assisted sharpener. This solution is perfect for saving time and keeping the blade sharp.
  • Always wash your carving knife by hand, the dishwasher may damage it.
  • We also recommend using a wooden board for each use of this butcher knife because its blade is harder than a stainless steel blade or the soft blade of a ceramic knife which could cause a lot of damage on a stainless steel surface.