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Serbian Damascus Steel Chef's Knife

Serbian Damascus Steel Chef's Knife

Serbian Chef's Knife in Damascus Steel 384 layers Raindrop pattern

Do you feel like cooking with a Chef's Knife with a definitely original look or on your Bushcraft outings to prepare dishes in kind? Then this Serbian Chef's Knife is for you. It has been democratized by AlmazanKitchen and this model has a high quality blade. Indeed, it is made of two steels:

  • 1080 carbon steel with a carbon content of approximately 0.8% and 0.75% Manganese.
  • 15N20 carbon steel with a significant proportion of nickel
    (Carbon 0.75 %, Chromium 0.11 %, Manganese 0.4 %, Silicon 0.3 %, Nickel 2 %). It is appreciated in the manufacture of damask blades because it brings a very good contrast after revelation. Nickel brings a strong contrasting power (shiny parts), that's why 15N20 steel is perfect for damascus forging.

The knife has benefited from a heat treatment which gives it a resistance of 58-60HRC on the Rockwell scale. The handle is made of selected Rosewood topped with 3 rivets. It is delivered with a hand-sewn English leather sheath.

Technical specifications

  • Total length: 115 mm
  • Blade material: 384-layer Damascus steel (1080/15N20 steels)
  • Handle material: Rosewood
  • Supplied with a hand-stitched English Leather Scabbard

Tips for knife care

  • Never store your knife in a leather case for a long period of time.
  • Leather can absorb water, which can cause the knife to rust.
  • Always clean the blade after use with oil or wax.